Advancement is the method by which scouting promotes and encourages the ongoing involvement and commitment that keeps members coming back for more. It works best when it is built into a unit’s program so that simply participating leads to meaningful achievement and recognition and to a continually improving readiness for more complex experiences.

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Council Advancement Contacts

Council Advancement 
Mark Oetinger (716) 777-2336
Council Advancement 
Kevin Volk (585) 409-6836
Staff Advisor Jessica Bonham (585) 343-0307
Nundawaga Advancement Chair Dan Cochrane (585) 409-6836
Onondaga Advancement Chair Sean McIntyre (716) 912-5668
Polaris Advancement Chair Mark Oetinger (716) 777-2336
Red Jacket Advancement Chair Dave Talarico (716) 573-7276
Seneca Advancement Chair Rick Volk (585) 409-6835
Towpath Advancement Chair John Maier (716) 474-0460