Weekend Camp Reservations

Weekend Camping


We are currently only accepting Reservations for Cabin Rentals for Family Camping.  Unit rental is not available at this time because of COVID


  Please read and print the complete Short-Term/Weekend Camping Reservation Guidelines.Download

  Other Camping Information, Policies and Procedures | Download

  Firewood in Camp - Units may not bring their own wood to camp; nor may they take wood home.

GNFC Season Pass Loyalty Program is not currently Available for 2021

If your unit enjoys tent camping, this is for you!  Pay a one-time, nonrefundable fee of $50.00 for unlimited tent camping weekends at all GNFC camps until May 2021.  Permit must be purchased by October 31, 2020. To get your Season Pass, Click Here  Note: certain dates reserved for Council, District and GNFC committee special events. Units must still complete a short term/weekend camping application at least 2 weeks in advance of each proposed tent camping weekend.

Planning a Troop canoe trip?

  • Did you know you can rent canoes at Camp Schoellkopf? 
  • Reservations for the canoes may be made online under Camp Schoellkopf
  • All units will be required to have at one adult who has completed Paddlecraft Safety

Camp Schoellkopf Orienteering Map, Instruction & Control Card

Camp Schoellkopf Permanent Orienteering Course 

Orienteering Course Instructions

Orienteering Control Card